1. Template Converters ERB => SLIM

    How convert your .erb to .slim :

    You must pass through HAML !

    Install HAML dependencies on your environment or your gemset

    gem install haml # https://github.com/haml/haml
    gem install hpricot
    gem install ruby_parser

    Switch to HAML templating

    find . -name '*erb' | \
    xargs ruby -e 'ARGV.each { |i| puts "html2haml -r #{i} #{i.sub(/erb$/,"haml")}"}' | \

    Install SLIM tool dependency

    gem install haml2slim # https://github.com/fredwu/haml2slim

    Switch to SLIM templating

    find . -name '*haml' | \
    xargs ruby -e 'ARGV.each { |i| puts "haml2slim #{i} #{i.sub(/haml$/,"slim")}"}' | \

    Clean ERB and HAML templates

    find . -name '*erb' -exec rm -f {} \;
    find . -name '*haml' -exec rm -f {} \;

    Remove dependencies

    gem uninstall haml
    gem uninstall hpricot
    gem uninstall ruby_parser
    gem uninstall haml2slim

    That all, have fun